Guide for Marketing Affiliate

Signing up as a marketing affiliate

1. Once you made payment for your first virtual dental consultation purchase on MyDentalshield, a pop up message window will show. Click on Get Started.

1. Create your account with us. Please fill in all the fields as required or you may use your social media account to sign up.

3. This is your main dashboard.

3.1. The system generates a referral link for you and you can post it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp or even generate your own QR code.

3.2. To entice your family, friends or followers, we have provided you with a discount code in the form of a coupon. Your coupon is preset as your name but you can change to any code you want.

3.3. The summary table shows how many you have referred to and the sales conversion.

4. Payment of referral fees

Payment of fees will start after the 1st 2 weeks and when you accumulate more than 10 sales. Each successful sales will earn you S$10 and we will pay out in blocks of 10 or $100 per week after that.

5. Setting up of bank account information

Go to Settings Tab. Select Change under Payment settings

Fill in your banking information. Please ensure the account information is accurate. You do not need to fill in branch code and swift code as we will only pay out to a Singapore bank account.

Congratulations! Once you have set things up, you are all ready to go!