FAQs for Dental Warranty


Dental Warranty

1. What is Dental Shield?

Dental warranty is a product developed by Dental Shield Pte Ltd, a Singapore based Healthtech company. The aim of the dental warranty is to provide Singaporeans with an affordable, high-value dental programme.

2. What am I paying for?

With $288 (Incl GST)/year, which works out to be $19.92/month (subject to GST), you’ll get a comprehensive virtual dental consultation, scaling & polishing (up to $50). On top of that, you’ll also get a $3,000 coverage of your dental treatment (excluding cosmetic treatments).

3.How does it work?

Please visit the How it works page.

4. How is a Dental Health Warranty different from Dental Insurance?

Please see here.

5. What treatments are covered within the warranty?

The annual coverage includes Fillings, Inlays, Onlays, Crowns, Root Canals, Bridges, Extractions and Implants except for ongoing treatment.

6. What filling materials are covered by the warranty?

The filling materials included in the plan are Amalgam, Composite Resin, Resin, Glass Ionomer Cement, Zirconia, Porcelain, non-precious metals and other standard filling compounds.

7. What will not be covered by the warranty?

Treatment outside of dental necessity (i.e. polishing, scaling, orthodontic treatment, etc) will not be covered. However, we offer one-time scaling & polishing when you sign up for a one-year Dental Warranty.

8. Is there any restriction (i.e. maximum visits, cap per treatment)?

When Medisave is applicable, you will have to use that first. Dental Shield will settle the remainder amount with the Dental Clinic. There isn’t any restriction to the number of visits or treatment amount cap except for the annual coverage amount of $3,000.

9. What does ring-fencing the tooth mean?

The ring-fence tooth is one that the Dentist ascertain that due to an existing condition, this tooth cannot be warrantised. The Dentist who examines you could ring-fence your tooth on several conditions.

    1. You have an ongoing treatment with the teeth
    2. The tooth is not in good condition and you declined treatment on the affected tooth

    We encourage you to have the tooth that is not in good condition be treated so that the Dentist could warranties that tooth and to gives you the peace of mind that you have coverage for the rest of the year.

    10. How does the claim process work?

    Please send an email to support@mydentalshield.com with your dental condition and we will ask you to do another Virtual Dental Consultation.

    Dental Shield will then give you a pre-authorisation on the recommended treatment and the amounts that is claimable. After you have completed the recommended treatment at your preferred dental clinic, please do reply our email on the invoice and we will reimburse you directly.

    If the treatment is Medisave claimable, you will have to use it first and Dental Shield will settle the remainder amount with you directly.

    11. What if I would like a refund or am not accepted under the Dental Warranty?

    No refunds are available if your Dental Warranty has been approved. Dental Shield will charge $50 admin fees for the refund process. If you have not completed the Virtual Dental Consultation.

    12. What are the clinics I can go to for my Scaling & Polishing?

    You are allowed to go to any dental clinic. Just send us the receipt to discount your Dental Warranty of up to $50 for the next year.

    12. What are the clinics I can go to for dental treatment?

    You are allowed to go to any private dental clinic of your choice.

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