FAQ for Marketing Affiliate

1. Is there a limit to the number of people I can referred to?

No, there is no limit. However commission is accorded only for a confirmed sale.

2. Can I get a discount for my own purchase?

No, unless someone gave you a valid discount coupon.

3. Why is payout done only in blocks of 10 per week?

This is our operational policy as it will be very expensive to payout in smaller amounts and also at higher frequency. We would rather save the money to pay you a higher commission and thus decided on this payment policy

4. How is my sales tracked?

Your sales is tracked as long as the new client used your referral link or QR code. Our system will identify the sales originates from you. As long as the payor uses your link to purchase a product on MyDentalShield, you will be paid for the commission.

5. If my client who purchase virtual dental consultation and subsequently buy other products like the dental warranty, will I be paid additional commission.

Absolutely, all dental products on mydentalshield.com will have different commission payout. Eg if your client proceed to buy the dental warranty, you will earn S$40 for each warranty sold.