What is the difference between Dental Warranty & Dental Insurance?

Dental Warranty Dental Insurance
Cost $288 (Incl GST) for a virtual dental consultation, one-time scaling & polishing (up to $50) and $3,000 coverage from dental expenses. Insurance premium average at $400 for annual coverage of $1500.
Claim Process Dental Shield reimburses dental clinics directly, so you won’t have to worry about paperwork. Most Insurance plans require patients to make payment first and submit claims for reimbursement.
Age Restriction No No
Pre-existing Condition Once patient fixes his/her pre-existing condition (filling, crown, etc), Dental Warranty will provide coverage. Otherwise, the warranty could still be in force with the pre-existing tooth/condition being excluded. Dental Insurance plans don’t provide coverage for pre-existing conditions.
Coverage Dental Warranty provides full coverage of your dental expenses after Medisave claims wherever applicable. As long as your claim amount within the coverage period does not exceed the limit ($3,000). Dental Insurance plans typically provide 80-90% coverage of dental expenses. To have full coverage, you’ll usually need to purchase a Rider plan.