Corporate Plans

According to a poll conducted by ST Jobs, Dental Coverage is the 3rd most wanted employee benefit in Singapore!
Is it because of the following reasons?
 Dental Insurance is expensive
Not all employees are interested in dental benefits, and thus it will be a waste of company resources buying dental insurance for all the staff.
We are not aware of bad dental hygiene having an impact on our overall well being.
Dental Shield addresses all the problems, and we provide this customised and need-focused for a cost-efficient and complete dental coverage. Your company doesn’t need to commit all of your employees. All you need to start with is a minimum of 10% of total employees. After that, we will bill you for the additional employees who sign up for the dental programme monthly.

We will invite a Dentist to speak on a host of dental topics if you organise a lunch and learn session for your employees!

You and your employees enjoy all the dental benefits, without the extra cost and significant savings in the long term too!

Each warranty includes the following benefits
A comprehensive dental examination and X-ray
1x Scaling and polishing
Annual dental coverage of $3000