About Us

About us
Dental Shield offers corporate and individual dental programme without any  restrictions. We are redefining dental industry by offering unique dental  programmes. You must know that most dental conditions are because of poor oral health. Unfortunately, Singapore does not have many dental coverage options. Deferring your oral health needs due to financial constraints can leave you vulnerable to other serious dental problems and also more expensive treatments later. Therefore, having regular or at least once a year dental check ups not only warrant good oral health and a perfect smile but also serve as the first line protection of your overall dental hygiene. Dental Shield is an innovative Healthtech start-up where our founders have a combined experience of more than 100 years in Healthtech, Fintech, Banking, and Insurance.
Our Vision
Dental Shield’s vision is to disrupt the dental industry by our unique approach spreading healthy and dazzling smiles all across Singapore. Our ultimate goal is to offer affordable and cost-efficient dental plans through the use of technology and re-designing the traditional processes. Hence, revolutionizing the dental industry in Asia and improving oral health standards and treatments in a positive manner.
Our Mission
Our mission at Dental Shield is to raise awareness among the population of Singapore in collaboration with our dental partners, on the importance of good dental hygiene by providing the community with affordable dental plans.
Our Philosophy
Dental Shield is based on the core philosophy of “Prevention is better than cure”. This is the prime motto of our firm when designing and developing products for consumers. At Dental Shield, we believe that people who are focused on maintaining their dental hygiene should benefit more, and should not pay the same price as patients who do not pay attention to their oral health
Our Method
Being a Tech company enables Dental Shield to benefit from state of the art technology in order to minimise costs in dental treatments, repaying the savings to our clients by our affordable fee structure.